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What you need to know:

  • Thousands of surfers per year hit local beaches in search of the perfect wave.
  • The Baja Center convention is located here, with a hosting capacity for 11,000 people.
  • 22 hotels with more than 1,600 available rooms available.
  • 100,000 lobsters per year are served at the Puerto Nuevo lobster village.
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16 July, 2020

Beaches are closed for the weekend

Municipal authorities announce that beaches are to be closed on Saturdays and Sundays, this is part of the efforts aimed towards reducing risks of COVID transmission.
2 October, 2019

Productions that have been filmed in Rosarito Beach

Rosarito beach; the small laid-back beach destination in Baja California that stepped into the national and international film and television industry spotlight, thanks to film director James Cameron and his blockbuster masterpiece Titanic, which earned him 11 Oscars including Best Movie.
21 June, 2019
cheve artesanal rosarito baja california

5 spots for a cold craft beer in Rosarito

The craft beer industry in Baja California continues to grow each day, new brands and styles are created often. We have gathered a list of 5 places in Playas de Rosarito that offer local quality and flavors for “Cheve Artesanal”.
9 May, 2019
Taco Avenger en Rosarito

10 Insanely delicious tacos for the perfect taco Tuesday in Rosarito

If you're a taco lover, these are definitely recommendations for you. We know very well that tacos are a part of Mexican culture, but in Rosarito, some taco stands have been in given their special touch to these delights, not just in their flavor, but also baptizing them with creative names.