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What you need to know:

  • Thousands of surfers per year hit local beaches in search of the perfect wave.
  • The Baja Center convention is located here, with a hosting capacity for 11,000 people.
  • 22 hotels with more than 1,600 available rooms available.
  • 100,000 lobsters per year are served at the Puerto Nuevo lobster village.
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11 December, 2020
El Arco Rosarito

Stunning Sunsets at the Rosarito Beach Arch

The time to go back out and enjoy the gift of spectacular visits to unique travel destinations is getting closer. Many of those breathtaking spots can be found in Rosarito. Here’s a must-see sight you have to visit as soon as quarantine ends.
11 December, 2020
cristo sagrado corazon rosarito

Rosarito’s Christ of the Sacred Heart; A Blessing Upon the Sea

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and towering at over 75 feet tall, stands the statue of Jesus, dubbed by locals as “Christ of the Sacred Heart”. It’s an iconic landmark you can’t afford to miss on your next visit to Rosarito Beach.
7 December, 2020
Tacos El Yaqui, Rosarito

El Yaqui Taco Shop, Home of the Famous Taco Perrón in Rosarito

Trying the taco “perrón” at Tacos El Yaqui is without a doubt a local tradition you can’t miss while visiting Rosarito. It is a simple but delicious gastronomic delight.
5 October, 2020

Baja California Awarded “Safe Travels” Stamp from World Travel and Tourism Council for Outstanding Health and Hygiene Protocols 

The State of Baja California today announced it has been awarded the Safe Travels Stamp by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) in recognition of the health and hygiene protocols put in place by the state. This milestone marks one of the many ways Baja California is diligently working to begin safely welcoming visitors back to the region.


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