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12 January, 2018


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Langosta Estilo Puerto Nuevo ¡Una Tradición llena de Sabor!

9 May, 2019
Cañon Rosarito Baja California

15 Things to Do in Rosarito Beach this Fall

Rosarito Beach is mostly known as a spring-summer destination, but fall also offers options for a great getaway. Food, events, outdoor activities and perfect golden sunsets provide the mood for a vacation to remember.
9 May, 2019
Taco Avenger en Rosarito

10 Insanely delicious tacos for the perfect taco Tuesday in Rosarito

2 October, 2019

Productions that have been filmed in Rosarito Beach

Rosarito beach; the small laid-back beach destination in Baja California that stepped into the national and international film and television industry spotlight, thanks to film director James Cameron and his blockbuster masterpiece Titanic, which earned him 11 Oscars including Best Movie.